Zuuk opens at Brickell

A new fresh and casual Mediterranean place has been opened at Brickell named Zuuk. Zuuk is about tradition, about what started the day when we were young, about what brought the family to the table. The team behind Zuuk, Roger, Sam and Danny come from similar background, where good and tough times were cherished and solved in the dining room; were their grandparents used to set the tone with wonderful food and bring smiles throughout the night. They thought that people needed to have those moments more often, and while time passes by very quickly and they start deviating from what was good, from the “good old times”. As friends and family that they are; they wanted to share their “good old times” in the dining room with you. Zuuk honors who we are, our traditions, the simplicity that we were brought up with, and the amazing food that was made in our homes everyday. They want to make sure that they bring the healthy Mediterranean cooking to you. The one we grew up with and the one that we crave on a daily basis. Here is more information about Zuuk :


According to Urban Daddy :

“A James Beard Award–nominated chef has just opened a Mediterranean fast-casual joint in Brickell. Casual, people. It’s called Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen, it’s open now. That chef: Sam Gorenstein. He’s applying his My Ceviche chops to the world of hummus and falafel in a small corner of Brickell. No bells. No whistles. Just some butcher-block tables, Mediterranean tile and a cozy patio out front. And that’s fine, because you’re here for some of the finest hummus in the land. The idea is to queue up and build your own fire-baked pita roll, bowl or salad. You’ll pick a few housemade spreads like baba ghanoush and zahtar-feta, move on to proteins like spiced lamb kefte and slow-roasted beef, and wrap up with a few toppings and sauces like pickled hot peppers and spicy harissa.”


According to Eater :

“Laid out much the same way as My Ceviche, it features create-your-own bowls or pita wraps with house-made, Mediterranean-inspired items like spiced lamb, baked falafels, roasted baba ghanoush, sumac onions, and plenty of sauces in varying levels of heat flavors. The guys emphasize the health conscious portion of the restaurant adding that they don’t use a fryer for anything and showcase lots of veggies also on the menu. To drink the store has the first Boylan Bottling soda machine in South Florida, serving up soda made with cane sugar instead of the processed stuff, along with fresh-pressed juices and local kombucha. Beer is on its way in the next few months. And for dessert? Honey tahini froyo, naturally.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to Chatchow :

“For this concept, imagine Chipotle, but with Mediterranean ingredients. Created made-to-order, assembly line style, guests first move on to their base which can be a pita, rice or bulgar bowl, lettuce bowl or a mix of lettuce and rice. Then it’s time to pick your dip and spread, up to three, and they range from everything from hummus to zahar feta. Next up is your protein or veggie, which includes baked falafel and roasted veggies for vegetarians, and spiced lamb kefte, slow roasted beef and spiced chicken for the carnivores. Finally there is a bevy of toppings and side like herb salad, sumac onions and Kalamata olives, and then an option of four different sauces ranging in heat levels to finish your dish. Wash it all back with fresh-made juices or a soda from Boylon Soda Machines, which is natural alternative to Coke and Pepsi.”


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