Yelle Needs Opening Bands! Apply to Play Miami, L.A., San Francisco, and NYC

According to Yelle’s official Safari Disco Tour forecast, party music peeps all over Planet Earth — specifically Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, France, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia — are about to get swept up in a perfect storm of French electro, fun times, and poppy weirdness.

In the United States, though, Francophile fans (who also happen to play a musical instrument) don’t have to settle for just being spectators. They can actually join this perfect storm and help do the sweeping up by entering Yelle‘s newly announced Safari Disco search for opening bands. 

“For all the musicians out there who have ever seen an opening act at a live show and thought they could do better,” Yelle announced today, “now is your chance to prove your skills!” 

Solo artists and bands who wanna win a support slot in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York need to submit “a live video, some audio links, [and] everything worth knowing about you” to before October 15.

So harness some storminess, send in your application, and stay tuned to Yelle’s Safari Disco Tour forecast. The winning wannabes will be chosen on October 30.