Yard House Miami, Opens in Miami Beach

Beer. It doesn’t just grow on trees, you know.

That’d be crazy. Beer growing on trees.

No, ends up it prefers flying through midair.

Watch out below… it’s Yard House Miami, a gargantuan South Beach watering hole outfitted with 150 taps of precision-chilled drafts and beer-friendly fare, now open.

Picture a hangar. You know, high ceilings, poured concrete, exposed ducts. Now fill it with a dedicated keg room that pumps beer through an overhead piping system and into 150 waiting taps. Beers like the rum-tinged Innis & Gunn and local pours from Due South and Funky Buddha, all served in goblets or 32-ounce half yards. That’s this place.

So, tonight. Summon a few beer aficionados to join you at the rectangular bar in the middle of the joint. What you’ll be eating: grilled-Korean-pork-belly tacos and gorgonzola burgers. What you’ll be watching: flat-screens. They’re tucked into just about every corner of the place and playing some form of competitive athletics.

But it’s South Beach. So if you assumed there’d be a people-watching/patio situation going on here—good call. You’ll find it right by those huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows out front.

Start working on your pageant wave.


Source : UD