Xarifa, Now Available at Cottage Miami

Let’s review the contents of your pockets.

Wallet: check.

Gum: check.

A receipt for chili-flavored tofu: weird, but check.

Italian-made retro swim trunks: check… finally.

Say hello to Xarifa, a line of swim trunks that fold themselves up into a very portable pouch via their rear pocket, available now at Cottage Miami.

Breaking news: the Columbus Day Regatta is right around the corner. You’ll need some solid-looking trunks. And these fit the bill—sort of retro, sort of worldly, but cut slim. So basically, when you board your chosen regatta vessel, you’ll look like you just finished up a couple rounds of Negronis over on Lake Como. Nice.

Now, all of these suits are made in Italy. From the buttons to the cotton strings. They’re constructed from an extra-soft polyester (feels good, dries fast… feels good), and they have a couple of retro-ish prints you can choose from. You can get a bright-orange Egyptian pattern. Or a subtle blue-and-green number that kind of looks like fish scales. Which, you know, appropriate. Kind of.

And when you’re done cavorting/yacht hot tub hopping all around Biscayne Bay, your trunks fold up into their rear pocket and make their own portable pouch.

Your flip-flops are on their own.



Source : Urban Daddy

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