WunderBar Opens at Miami Beach

Ever wandered around your neighborhood and stumbled across a hidden gem that you never knew existed? Maybe you stepped inside to ask for directions, or to grab a quick cool drink after a long day in the sun and just like that, you were hooked! Wunderbar is that epic find that not only charms hotel guests, but locals alike. Stop for one and end up staying for hours, leave with fun memories, a new craft cocktail recipe, new friends and a sense of belonging to this magical city that we call home.

Offering up an authentic taste of Miami’s cultural melting pot, Wunderbar is dedicated to providing quality and craftsmanship. Whimsical and seasonal, our masterfully mixed cocktails are full of color and personality and our vibe is warm and unpretentious. Using fresh ingredients and passion, bright flavors from around the world and vibrant presentation, we showcase well-crafted spirits, with a focus on rum – the flavor of the tropics. Here is more information about Wunder Bar :


According to Eater :

“The laid back hotel lobby bar, which opens to the public on Friday, December 12, will feature classic, approachable cocktails that have a global twist to them, according to Nelson. Rum will be the star of the menu with more than 60 type to choose from with entire section dedicated to them dubbed Rum in the Raw, served in natural drinking vessels like hollowed out green coconuts and pineapples. As for the tea cocktails that Nelson has created a cult following around town? Those are coming back too with her Moroccan Tea Service that can serve 2, 4 or 6 people. Served in a silver plated tea pot the drink is made with a blend Avua Cachaca, mint green tea, raw ras el hanout, infused orange blossom honey, bitters and a side of rose water spray to mist into your drink — so you can summon your inner swanky bartender.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to Urban Daddy :

Cricket Nelson. You might’ve enjoyed a few of her drinks over at the Broken Shaker. And you may have heard that she ventured off somewhere new. Well, this is that place. Round up a few friends next week for an after-work thing here. And if they don’t like rum, we strongly recommend you reconsider the word “friend.” Because that’s the focus of this little Key West–style bungalow. The kind of spot you’ll kick back in with a tequila-tropical-fruit-and-chili-laced Jalisco Negroni.”


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.