World’s First Home Robotic Chef

Tired of having to cook every night after work? Moley Robotics has released the world’s first cooking robot complete with robot arms, oven, shelf, for holding food and utensils and a touch screen for users to pick from a selection of 2000 dishes. The robot is able to know the handling of utensils and food because master chef, Tim Anderson was filmed cooking using a special glove and 3D technology. The kitchen will be priced starting at $75,000 and expected to drop after about 4 years to $30,500.

No need anymore to be apprehensive about going home to cook after a long day at work anymore. With Moley’s cooking robot you can sit back and relax while everything is done for in the kitchen. It’s finally time to grab a glass of your favorite wine and catch up on that show you’ve been missing.