Women’s Fashion Trend: Tropical Leopard Print

Tropical Leopard Print

Wherever you go in the World, on any high street, there will be at least one person sporting one or more items of leopard print clothing. It’s gone from the Scarlet woman’s defining pattern to almost a core colour; it’s Bette Lynch, brassy quality has been diluted through over use.

So these days, how can you make leopard print exciting and different? How do you make an usual pattern unusual? Well the top men and women (mainly women I bet) at Fashion Trends HQ have put their grey matter to good use and come up with one new major trend for late summer, early autumn/winter. And what have they come up with? Why, only tropical leopard print, of course.

A Brief History

Vivid colours of leopard print have always been a self indulgence of people who proclaim that they are “soooooo mad, me”, people who will throw themselves into a fancy dress party without any second thought to what they look like, and those who like to dabble in extroverting fashion choices without going the whole hog.

They’ll cling to neon leopard print colours with a pride that befits a new parent, or a first time car owner, and will let their scarf do the talking with their otherwise drab outfit. These people are the supernatural equivalent of Sally Morgan fans. They clearly know she’s a fraud, but haven’t quite got to the level of Derren Brown fandom who can see her for what she really is. They just don’t have the confidence to take that extra step.

They’re almost synonymous with late 80s/early 90s rave culture where no one really gave a flying fig what they looked like, because by the end of the night, they’ll all be collapsed in a gutter somewhere, drooling uncontrollably, slurring their admiration for the local traffic warden who was starting work. They adopted an attitude of the brighter the colour the better because between blinding lasers and blasts of foam, you needed something to make you stand out. It was the equivalent of a workman’s hi-vis jacket.

Source : www.stylebistro.com