Whole Foods Market Has Worst Scone and Papa John’s Worst Pizza. By Geniusofdespair

Granted I have not tasted every pizza and scone in the world but these two items made me shutter.

Papa John’s thin crust pizza is inedible. The crust is strange – like pie crust. When I don’t finish my pizza, it is bad. Really bad. I eat just about any pizza. If you think I hate it…watch this guy.

Whole Foods: Scones are not suppose to be sweet!!! Just a hint of sweetness. I am addicted to scones but Whole Foods, your scone sucks so bad, I packed it up and I am bringing it back. I got up early this morning specifically to go get the scone I dreamed of, and I got burned. The Whole Foods version had so much sugar topping there was no scone.

So in closing Papa John’s thin crust pizza really sucks and Whole Foods cinnamon walnut scone sucks too. Ick on both. Have you any food bad experiences out there readers? By the way this is why I wrote this, for google searches, one of the benefits of having a blog:

Source : eyeonmiami.blogspot.com