What You Need to Know: 2018 FIFA World Cup

Participating countries

There will be 32 teams participating in this years FIFA  World Cup and the teams are separated into six groups. The groups will have to all play each other first and then the eliminating rounds will begin. Each group is composed of four teams from all parts of the world!


This year’s FIFA World Cup will be hosted in the beautiful country of Russia. The games will be held in Moscow where you might find the backdrop to be familiar as the historic Red Square is close to all of the latest events.


The games will be taking place sporadically throughout six stadiums all located in Moscow. The stadiums have been preparing for the arrival of the 32 teams for years now and are equipped to hold thousands of cheering fans.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will feature singer Robbie Williams singing ‘Let Me Entertain You’ accompanied by a multitude of dancers dressed in various World Cup attires.