Weekend Warriors

So – youve been working hard all week. You’ve clocked long, hard hours with a single, small light at the end of that tunnel. Friday. The Weekend. Its about time youve been rewarded for working your hardest and that time has come. Obviously, all of you have your own agenda and a semi-plan worked out for what you want to do this weekend – but just in case you have a block of time that has nothing planned for it and you dont know whats going on around you – here are just a few of my suggestions that could fit perfectly into your schedule and keep you going for the rest of the weekend, at least until Monday …





Gusman Center for the Performing Arts
The Riddle of You

Tom Shadyac, director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, and a bunch of other Hollywood megahits, got a little introspective after a 2007 cycling accident that almost left him permanently incapacitated. When he finally recovered, he became unsatisfied even with his highly satisfactory life. He dumped much of his fortune and moved to a trailer park. And though he eventually went back to doing what he does best — making movies — his latest project is unlike anything else he has done. I Am, a documentary of Shadyac’s personal journey, asks what’s wrong with our world and what we can do to make it better. He is the writer, director, and star here, but he poses the questions to some of the planet’s great thinkers, including David Suzuki, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lynne McTaggart, Ray Anderson, John Francis, Coleman Barks, and Marc Ian Barasch. And if you haven’t the foggiest idea who any of those people are, you definitely need to watch this flick. Take some time to reflect on your life and the future of the planet, but in a fun way, with a screening of I Am at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts Saturday. It’s free, so no excuses.





Moore Building
Toasted on the Town

With some 500 wines to sample over the course of an evening, plus food from 35 local restaurants, chances are you’ll be pretty toasted by the end of Wine Enthusiast’s Toast of the Town orgy of wine, food, and blessed excess, set to take place from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, September 23, at the historic Moore Building in the Design District. Let’s hope the next morning you’ll be able to keep down your breakfast toast.


Regular passes $109, VIP passes $169



PB and J

Who doesn’t love Peter Bjorn and John (or PB&J as we lovingly call them). Their latest album, Gimme Some, was beyond remarkable and we for one can’t wait for their concert at Bardot.

This Swedish trio won’t only be vibrating our earlobes and temples with sensuous sound but will be feeding the music- craving masses on their All You Can Eat Tour. The tour pairs their music concert with a chosen food truck to dish out a free for all for the fans. The location is Bardot, and the Food Truck du jour for their tour will be kept a mystery (you’d have to follow Eater to find out) until a few days prior to the boys dropping in, but we assure you it will be one of Miami’s finest, .

A chance to eat free unlimited amounts of food truck yumminess and get a chance to see them live in concert? Um, yes please!

The crowds will be insane, and if you were one of the lucky few to snatch an online ticket for their concert, the rest of us hate you because they’ve rapidly sold out. Nothing more to do than get to Bardot early, shovel as much grub we can fit into our bellies and idiotically dance the night away in a sea full of blissful melody.



$50 limited tickets at the door, all presales sold out.



Marriott Doral Golf Resort & Spa
Real Alternate Realities

This year’s DocMiami International Film Festival will showcase more than 90 flicks from local, national, and international filmmakers. The event will also feature an awards ceremony with categories such as Best Feature Documentary, Best Contemporary Issue Documentary, Best Investigative Documentary, and Best Local Documentary. Screenings will include The Invocation, an exploration of God and world peace narrated by Sharon Stone; Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun, the first feature-length film about the famous African-American writer; and Tanzania: A Friendship Journey, Florida director Sylvia Caminer’s film about two college friends — one American, one native Tanzanian — who embark on a journey across the African villages and wilds. The 2011 DocMiami awards ceremony, hosted for the second time by Univision 23 news correspondent Gloria Ordaz, will feature musical acts Tito Puente Jr., a Latin jazz and salsa musician whose music is a tribute to his father’s; Javier Batiz, touted as “the Godfather of Mexican rhythm and blues;” and Rich Ferguson, a spoken-word performer. The film festival kicks off Thursday at 7 p.m. with an opening cocktail gathering at Romano’s Macaroni Grill (8700 NW 18th Ter., Doral). Screenings begin at Friday at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, and the fest closes with the awards ceremony Sunday.



Screenings are free, event tickets cost $20 to $500




Food Orgy in Luxury

Treat your honey to an evening of gilt-y pleasures at Downtown’s uber luxe Marquis Residences, where on Saturday chef Michael Shikany will kick off a fancy-schmancy winemaker’s dinner series with a 10-course orgy of food and Laurent-Perrier champagne.

Presented by Gilt City Miami, the feasting begins poolside with munchies and champagne, then heads 67 stories up toe the Marquis Penthouse. There you’ll find even more champagne (natch) paired with dishes like lychee molecular caviar, terrine of foie gras and morels, mac ‘n’ cheese with vanilla butter-poached Maine lobster, and a three-for-all dessert of chocolate, olive oil gelee and Maldon sea salt.

To better rub your friends’ noses in your guilty pleasures, everyone will get a Flip videocam, so you can, as the event’s website says, “Load the pics onto your laptop, share them on Facebook or Tumblr, and make your friends jealous.” You can make your friends even jealouser by showing off the contents of your complimentary (natch) goodie bag.


$285 per person


Family Weekend Football Game @ the University of Miami

The University of Miami plays the Kansas State Wildcats after coming off an upset win over Ohio State. This will be the Family Weekend Game for the U so instead of thousands of sun-kissed, falling students, thousands of their parents will be joining in on the festivities, hoping that the Canes can pull one out for their tuition payments.


Price: $19 – $300


Hard Rock Live

Furious Fisticuffs

Fighting, along with prostitution and alcohol consumption, can be considered among the oldest of human traditions. That makes us a terrible, just plain awful species. But so what? If anyone has a problem with that, we’ll beat the ever-living crap out of them and celebrate with booze and unregulated sins of the flesh. Throw in some gambling at a casino and you’ve pretty much got yourself a veritable cocktail of vices that represent what billions of years of evolution on this planet have amounted to. So if you’re like Russell Crowe and love violence, this event is for you. Panther Boxing presents World Class Boxing, a fight night for all you punch-loving hooligans (i.e., average human beings). There’s no experience quite like watching a boxing match in person, so this is a great opportunity to knock that off your bucket list. Besides, if you don’t, Russell Crowe will find you. He’s watching right now. Catch all the action Saturday at the Hard Rock Live.

$35 tp $105




Nikki Beach Club
She Da Best

Dear Tamara, Ever since the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew one day the celestial gods would bring us together. Every time you twist a knob or scratch a record, it’s as if you are gently caressing my body with your skill and knowledge. We become one on the dance floor; I hope someday we can consummate our love to the bass-heavy track of your choice. I have the Overthrow — the nightlife collective founded by Alexis Mincolla and Samuel Baum — to thank for finally persuading you to play more local gigs on the regular. Now your hometown has discovered what people in far-flung areas such as Turkey and Mexico already know: You are beyond awesome behind the decks.Love,Your #1 Fan




Yo, Ho

Pirates. Until a few years ago, we had only good associations with the salty thieves thanks to joy-filled rides on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. But consider the real-life pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. There’s nothing like the sight of a ship full of sneering men with assault rifles in your cruise ship’s wake to make you forget about affable Captain Jack Sparrow. As a result, the local myth of Black Caesar is more than just an excuse to drink more rum and talk more booty. No, the more we learn about this escaped African slave who ambushed trade ships around Elliott Key, the more we think he was a truly bad guy. In addition to the extensive treasure he pirated, it seems Caesar was after another type of booty as well . It’s rumored he had more than a hundred women imprisoned at his makeshift home of an island. Of course, that is just hearsay, and when the alternative is slavery, you can’t really fault a guy for choosing an illicit life. Separate truth from myth this Sunday at 2 p.m. when Nathanial Samuels talks “Pirates of the Caribbean” at HistoryMiami.





Miami Dolphins Vs Cleveland Browns


Unfortunately this weeks game is at Cleveland, BUT is that going to stop you from sitting on your couch after this massive weekend and watching not only this game, which is at a perfect 1pm, but every other NFL game all sunday? NO. Of Course not.


Price of this game: FREE, on TV



Thats all for this weekend – if you know of anything else that needs to be added to this list – please, get in touch.



source – Miami New Times