Visa-O1, a great new pizza place at South Beach

There’s a great new pizza place at South Beach called Visa-O1. You have to be highly motivated to find the place. It’s tucked inside an office building with no sign indicating the restaurant is inside. It’s located at 1680 Michigan Ave #101, Miami Beach. The owner and chef,  Renato Viola won the Bar Giornali prize in Monte Carlo for the best pizza. Here is more information about Visa-O1 :


According to :

“The pizza is a mix of cultures. Viola describes it as New York Italian-style that he perfected from years in the Big Apple and here at Dolce and Giotto. Indeed he does hold a special visa for his extraordinary skill. And as a world pizza champion, an acclaimed prize in Italy, his talent is evident on the plate. He has the goods to back up the restaurant’s subhead: Extraordinary Pizza. In the kitchen, his team in classic pizza whites spins dough from a secret recipe that has been proofing for nearly three days. The result is a light, thin, crispy pie that emerges from the oven with scorched bubbles on the edges but tender and chewy. This is pizza made to eat with a knife and fork, but you can certainly try the fold-and-stuff technique if you like.” written by Victoria Pesce Elliott.


According to New Times :

” The menu separates the pies into traditional, special, and extraordinary varieties. The Star Luca ($14.90) is shaped like a star, with ricotta stuffed into the corners. Pepperoni, mozzarella, and San Marzano sauce top the pie. It’s the best pizza we’ve had anywhere in Miami, and the crust deserves love sonnets. The smiling face in the open kitchen may be familiar. It is Renato Viola, who used to toss at Giotto’s. And according to our waitress, he is a world-champion master pizza chef and we just missed his tossing show. However, we can taste his mastery.” written by Carina Ost.


According to WSVN :

“It’s not hard to find pizza on Miami Beach. I take that back, there is a place hidden off the beaten path serving up some of the best pies this side of Rome. And we know just where it is. At Visa-O1 in So-Flo, the pizza looks like it fell from the heavens right onto your plate. It actually arrived here from Italy by way of the Big Apple. Renato Viola: “My style is Italian New York style. Thin crust and crispy and everybody loves this style here in Miami.” This little joint is nestled inside a South Beach office building, not the most obvious spot for a pizza place. Renato’s counting on happy customers to spread the word.”


According to Miami Curated :

“Chef/owner Renato Viola won the Bar Giornali prize in Monte Carlo for the best pizza. Though there’s calzoni and a mozzarella bar, pizzas in 8 inch or 13 inch versions are the main, not to be missed event. There are no fewer than 28 pizzas divided into categories including traditional, special and extraordinary. The latter are the ones to go for here and in that group, the standouts are the Star Luca and the Marco.  Whichever you choose, the pizza crust is thin, yeasty and oh so tasty. The waitress explains how the dough takes 72 to 96 hours to rise . I could eat it on its own, without fillings. The other major point of differences in the pizza here and in other places is the use of burrata and straciatella cheeses and the “star” part of the pie. Unlike mozzarella, these cheeses are runny, made for even dipping a crust. The “star” part are the pockets around the points of the star that are filled with ricotta cheese, pepperoni, and mozzarella.  The Star Luca was the competition winner and it’s obvious why. We had the Marco and the Star Luca. Both were exceptional.” written by Karen Escalera.


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