Vicomte A. opening new branch at Miami Beach

Miami Beach receive an addition for their fashion selection as Vicomte A. opens their new branch in 638 Collins Avenue. Vicomte A., founded in 2005 by Frenchman Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait, operates over 30 upscale French-based lifestyle stores worldwide located at some of the most prestigious addresses. Vicomte A. is unique, elegant and slightly cheeky favoured by by celebrities around the world including Pippa Middleton, who regularly wears the brand. Here is more information about the boutique :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Upon arrival, you’ll see a red wall with a preppy-looking logo on it. Then you’ll see a zebra head. Then you’ll realize it’s all very Rob Lowe’s closet circa Class in here, only way more French. Start looking around a bit. Scan the walls lined with brightly colored Havana polos. Think about what one of those button-downs would look like with those fuchsia pants. Probably pretty great. Probably great enough to procure and wear on a boat or a rooftop or a hammock. Nobody said this would be difficult.”

According to Miami Racked :

“The story of Vicomte A. begins, not in France, but in Charlotte, North Carolina, where de Soltrait found himself in quite the bind. After the company he was interning for folded, de Soltrait was strapped for cash. In a strike of ingenuity, he grabbed a collection of ties he’d bought in Italy and sold them from door-to-door, making enough money to jet back home and begin his lifestyle brand. Jump forward eight years and de Soltrait can count 51 Vicomte A. stores across the globe, from Paris to Hong Kong, with Miami being his second venture in the U.S.” written by Ashley Brozic.

According to HauteLiving

“VICOMTE A., straight from France. Earning its name from its founder’s noble position as a viscount, VICOMTE A. symbolizes all that is French chic: a slightly irreverent nod and wink to the aristocracy and the breaking of established fashion codes with distinctive cheek.” written by Erin Newberg.

According to Herald

“Since its founding in 2005, Vicomte A. has grown to include men’s, women’s and children’s fashions. During the last two years, the company said it has increased its product range through licenses for such items as eyewear, watches and shoes. The South Beach is expected to carry the full collection, as well as a specially designed limited edition line of polo shirts, priced at $150. Within the next year, Vicomte A. said it plans to open additional stores, in New York and at Bal Harbour Shops.” written by INA PAIVA CORDLE.

As they opening their first branch in Miami, Miami City Social looking forward to see their complete fashion collections. Stay tune in Miami City social for more updates about the boutique.