Vicky’s House

Kush Hospitality, the restaurant group behind LoKal, Kush, Miami Brew Bus and The Spillover, is ready to indulge the city’s collective sweet tooth with Vicky’s House, a 12-seat milkshake bar and tasting room inspired by Kuscher’s childhood home and the totally tubular vibe of 80s pop culture. Vicky’s House is a complete recreation of Matt’s mother’s house circa 1986. Since Vicky never threw anything away, Matt was able to duplicate it using the same cabinets, chandeliers, yellow flower wallpaper and linoleum floor mirror in the Kush matriarch’s design aesthetic, with an original 1980s oven standing in as storage for the bar’s glassware. An original Galaga arcade cabinet sits in the wood-paneled family room, while an adjacent washing machine stocks frosty cans of PBR. In the bathroom, guests will find Kush’s original bedroom dresser and the toys he played with as a child. (Located in 3190 Commodore Plaza Coconut Grove, FL 33133)

According to Zagat:-

Kush hospitality, the team behind Lokal, Kush and The Spillover, branches out with a nostalgic milkshake bar in the Grove featuring ’80s-inspired creations, root beer floats and ice cream sandwiches, plus Cuban coffee, wine and local beer, in a retro space inspired by owner Matt Kushner’s childhood home.

According to Eater:-

The team behind LoKal have opened up a nostalgic milkshake spot, Vicky’s House, which serves as an ode to the owner’s mom, Vicky, and her 1986 home. On the menu think shakes like The Golden Girls, a banana milkshake with cream cheese frosting, Golden Grahams cereal, vanilla wafer, toffee bits, a Twinkie and a homemade blondie with a cherry on top. Or The Breakfast Club, a vanilla milkshake with a peanut butter rim, Captain Crunch cereal, Miami Smokers bacon, a glazed donut from Salty Donut and a shot of espresso. The shop also offers floats, ice cream sandwiches from the Wynwood Parlor, ice cream from Dasher & Crank and Cuban coffee.

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