Verde, Strip Steak and Caipirinhas in the PAMM

Behind every great museum there’s a…

Great, fully stocked bar.

Also, a world-class collection of art.

But seriously. The bar.


So take in the artist’s message as conveyed through your margarita at Verde, a new bright and airy eatery in the Pérez Art Museum Miami stocked with lunchtime Bloody Marys and hamachi, now open.


Right, so this is situated in the new PAMM building in Downtown. Designed by the same people, too. It’s simple. It’s lofty. It’s… got a killer caipirinha.


Which might be exactly what you’re looking for after spending the day staring at ginormous steel rectangles. Meaning you can (and will) walk into this pendant-lit oasis for lunch, pull up a stool at the bar and drink a passion-fruit-and-cilantro caipirinha. And afterward, you can (and will) slide into a beige-colored banquette and eat hamachi sashimi and prosciutto-topped pies until the modernism movement finally makes sense. Which should be enough time to finish your pizzas.


Anyway, Thursday nights. That’s the night you’ll want to make note of. Because it’s the only time they’ll be serving dinner. Strip steak, red snapper and wine on the waterfront—you know, all the usual date-night suspects.


Maybe not Keyser Söze.



Source : Urban Daddy