Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girls Under $100 That She’ll Die For

Valentine’s Day is one of the more polarizing holidays on the calendar. Flowers, chocolate, and stuffed animals are fine gifts, but your partner usually signals a last-minute gift buy. You can take your partner out to dinner, but you might want to get them a little something as well. After all, it’s one day a year!

We are the true believers in “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift-giving. Usually, these universally beloved gifts are nice items that one normally wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, but whose luxurious appeal no one can deny. Here are some gifts that we think your significant other would personally love to receive this Valentine’s Day (hint, hint).

1.Movie Pass: $9.95: For $9.95 per month, MoviePass allows you to go see an unlimited amount of movies at theaters all over the country. All you do is sign up for a card, download the MoviePass app, and pick up your tickets using your card (which will arrive by mail) at the box office.

movie pass

2. A Diptyque Candle: $64.00: Diptyque candle has the power to make a room smell excellent all day after burning for under an hour. This is the perfect gift for partners who appreciate a nice candle, but don’t like to drop a lot of money on themselves. A random candle might be trite, but a Diptyque will not go unnoticed.

diptyque candle






3. Sun Basket Subscription: $36.94: The Sun Basket is a meal subscription service that makes it incredibly easy for you to cook the recipes and are very tasty. This is a perfect gift for a partner who is always on the go, as she’ll appreciate its convenience. If you’re a first time subscriber, three meals for your first week is only $36.94, so it’s an affordable gift as well.

Sunbasket Box






4. ANY Fenty Beauty Item: Price Ranges on item: Even if your partner isn’t super into makeup, any of Rihanna’s Fenty products will be a delight this Valentine’s Day. Fenty is new, the packaging is super sleek, and every woman I know is all about the products.  Let us know if it’s smooch-approved!

fenty beauty






5. Laudree MacaroonsAlmost every woman in the universe LOVES PARIS! So why not get her a pack of the best macaroons you can find. This will give her a sweet tooth that’ll make you want to love you!







We hope this gift guide helps you fellas out on your way to the mall. Don’t feel too under pressure…we’re just trying to help 😉

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