Vagabond will reopen as Vagabond Kitchen and Bar

Located at the famed Vagabond Hotel in the Miami Modern (MiMo) historical district, the Vagabond Restaurant & Bar is a casual fine dining concept catering to the “Contemporary Vagabond,” a modern-day adventurer with a penchant for global food, drink, and art. After roughly a year and a half of being open, Vagabond Restaurant & Bar will close its doors on July 3. When it reopens on July 6, it will emerge as Vagabond Kitchen & Bar with new management and new chef. Alex Chang, the star chef who has become a reference for “foodies” in Miami, is taking time off to travel the world and find new inspiration for his cuisine. Roberto Dubois will take over as the new chef with a new menu. Here is more information about Vagabond :


According to :

“In Chang’s absence, new partners Fabien Chalard and Julien Geliot will “continue the restaurant’s tradition of excellent food and service, albeit with a new chef and a new creative twist to the menu.” That chef, Roberto Dubois, will take over the restaurant with a new menu–and new name–Vagabond Kitchen and Bar. On the new menu: ponzu oysters, roast beef carpaccio, surf ‘n’ turf, cherry duck confit, spinach cavatelli, among other things. A bar menu will feature tuna poke toast, pork belly buns and shrimp cocktails, among other things. Quite a departure from Chang’s menu, which features dishes such as foie gras torchon and grilled Iberico defragma. ” written by Lesley Abravanel.


According to New Times :

“Partners Julien Géliot and Fabien Chalard are spearheading Vagabond Kitchen, featuring a menu of “Americana with a French twist.” The duo opened Plethore & Balthazar at the Hilton Bentley in Miami Beach in September 2015. The original Plethore & Balthazar is located in Lyon, France. The Vagabond owner says this transition is a positive one for the neighborhood. “I’m actually very excited. Julien and Fabien are very passionate about this project,” Jain says. “We all want this to be a place where people feel welcome.”” written by Laine Doss.


According to Miami Culinary :

“Fabien and his partner are working closely with Chef Alex and Vagabond Restaurant and Bar’s current staff to accomplish a smooth transition and keep to a minimum the number of days the restaurant will be closed for business. Chef Alex will continue to serve the best of his cuisine until July 3rd and Chef Roberto Dubois will take over Vagabond Kitchen’s master chef duties on July 6th. The chef and management aren’t the only things changing as the Vagabond Restaurant and Bar as it will be renamed the Vagabond Kitchen and Bar. With a new name comes a new menu. Guests can soon order menu items such as Ponzu Oysters, Roast Beef Carpaccio, Surf n Turf, Cherry Duck Confit, Spinach Cavatelli and much more. A bar menu will also be offered with selections such as Tuna Poke Toast, Pork Belly Buns, Shrimp Cocktail and more.”


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