Ultra Music Festival

The world-famous Ultra Music festival has been one of the ultimate Miami experiences since 1999, founded by event producers and club promotors Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes.

The festival has evolved and grown over the years from a 1 day festival held at Bayfront Park to today: a massive 3-day experience, spanning several countries like Mexico, Croatia, and even South Korea throughout the year. Fans from across the globe travel to Miami in March to watch the top DJ’s from around the world come together for this 3-day celebration to bring an unforgettable experience fueled by a love of electronic music.

With over 100,000 annual attendees, Ultra has outgrown its original home at Bayfront Park, will be held at the historic Virginia Key Beach Park. As always, the event will be held on the last weekend on March, the dates assigned for 2020 are from 20th to 22nd of March.

Latest event date: March 29-31, 2019