Top Spring Trends to Add to your Style this Season

There’s nothing like starting the New Year with the right foot. And what better way to do so than dressing correctly for every life occasion. If you wear the right thing, you draw attention, which generates more confidence in you, and at the same time, you feel capable of doing everything you want to accomplish. But how to know which are the statements that came to stay this 2018? Here I leave you five different styles that are indispensable and can’t miss in your closet.

1.Over Saturation:  Hypersaturated colors came to stay, and what better way of feeling energetic than wearing one of this vibrant colors.

2. Time to Shine! No matter day or night, an excellent way to enhancing your outfit and make it flawless is add a sequin piece to it. Don’t be shy and dare to shine!

3. More like Funny Pack: That fanny pack attached to your belly that you once used when you where a kid, have returned to stay! But this time in a more fashionable way. Comfy and with lots of styles, this bag will turn in a most for your day to day looks.

4. The Naked Look: A statement that since it’s arrival has not wanted to leave anymore! The transparencies are a great choice because you look elegant and sexy at the same time, the perfect combination that all woman needs.

5. Oversize is the New Sexy: Ponchos, hoodies, giants jackets… They no longer serve just to cover you, they are also the great touch you were missing from your outfit. Mountaineer looks that make you feel cozy in the more fashionable way.

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