Top Celebrity Spring 2018 Men’s Shoe Trends

Spring Trends after Fashion Week are a must know especially for Mens footwear!

Creeper Sneakers

The Weeknd rocks the Creeper sneakers with a grunge look. These sneakers have a bit of a heel to them and are usually worn with a more casual look. Step out of your comfort zone and buy a pair now!

Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots are easy to wear, to style, and to stock up no wonder Kit Harington considers them a must have in his closet. These boots are very versatile because you can wear them with a t-shirt and jeans or a full suit and tie depending on the color of the boots.

Fashion Forward Espadrilles

Super comfortable and stylish, espadrilles are taking over the men’s fashion game starting with Pharrell Williams. They can be worn with any casual outfit and come in many different colors and designs. 

Designer Sneakers

Almost all men love sneakers but top designers are now coming out with more designs for everyday sneaker wearing. Will Smith is rocking Versace sneakers with a more casual on the go outfit. Designers such as Givenchy and Tom Ford are making sneakers into one of the most desired Spring 2018 trends.