Tokyo Blue opens at Downtown Miami

Looking for a new and exciting Asian Food ? Come celebrate the warm, welcoming tradition of the Far East as it marries the modern innovation of a unique dining presentation at Tokyo Blue. The art of Asian Fusion comes alive at this one-of-a-kind sushi /steakhouse. Experience the mastery of Chef Mai as he artfully blends Japanese, Thai, and Peruvian-American cuisine to create exotic dishes for the discerning palette. Tokyo Blue now opens at Downtown Miami. Here is more information about Tokyo Blue :


According to Urban Daddy :

“If the name sounds familiar, well, yeah. The original is up in Fort Lauderdale. But this new location is an upgrade. For one, they’ve poached the grill master, saucier and chef from Nobu. For two, they’ve got one of those nifty sushi rivers. Step inside and you’ll see what we mean. It has cool blue lights. It has a swirling blue acrylic floor. It has that blue-lit sushi river. It… clearly has a theme. Anyway, you’ll come here to score points with a die-hard pescetarian. Grab a couple of seats at the U-shaped bar and order some sake. Then, start plucking plates from the boats floating down the river before you. Slabs of sliced tuna, rolls, temaki. All that good stuff.”


According to GimmeExposure :

“Miami’s financial and business district welcomes Tokyo Blue, Asian fusion restaurant with it’s original location in the lobby of The Ocean Manor Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel & Resort. Tokyo Blue offers an artful blend of Japanese, Thai, and Peruvian-American cuisine with a chic and modern decor. Patrons of the Fort Lauderdale location will be pleased to find the same ambiance, same delicious food and even the same famous glowing bar! We had the pleasure of sampling some of the chef’s creations, including the incredible Mano de Leon scallops in ginger sauce, perfectly prepared wagyu kobe beef, and the most unique salmon carpaccio any of us had ever tried. Also, we feel it’s necessary to mention how friendly, attentive and welcoming each member of staff was. Including the owners and partners.”


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