Three Things to Know About the Martini Room

Feels like just yesterday we were taking to the streets…

Celebrating our Finals win…

Riding around on our high horse all over Downtown.

Oh. Right. We were. Ha.

Well, here’s to keeping the party going…

Raise your glass to the new Martini Room, an art deco haven in the National Hotel, now open in SoBe. Here’s how you’ll use it.


A private cocktail party. For you and 25 of your closest.

Yeah, you can book the space. They’ve just finished bringing it back to its full art deco glory. Martini glasses etched into terrazzo floors. The refurbished mahogany bar. A full view of the infinity pool from the spill-out terrace. You could see yourself making a toast here. Or three.

A date that requires a bit of… discretion.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. So, hypothetically, rent it out. For two. Walk past the wood door and cozy up on one of those black suede couches. Order a Singapore Sling for your companion. A Sazerac for you. And then maybe a room.

It’s Friday. You need a drink. Stat.

Not tonight, though. Sorry. But soon, you’ll be able to sink into one of their leather bucket seats for some post-work highballs.

We guess a bar stool would work, too.



Source : Urban Daddy

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