There’s Now a “Suck for Luck” T-Shirt

Sometimes we wonder how far this Suck for Luck business will go. Join us in our imagination: It’s January 1, and the Jets are visiting Sun Life for the last game of the year. The Fins are 0-16. There’s less than a minute left on the clock, and the Indianapolis Colts have just pulled off their first win of the season against Jacksonville. The score is 7-6, Jets, the Dolphins are driving down the field, and the team is now in field goal range. Dan Carpenter prepares to make his third field goal of the game for the win, and that’s when it starts. The fans left in the stadium are all wearing the T-shirt and chanting, “Suck for Luck!”

It’s slow and steady at first, but by the time the team gets into formation the chant is deafening. It’s not only at the stadium. Every sports bar in South Florida is filled with fans chanting “Suck for Luck.” People are shouting it Network style from their balconies.

Dan Carpenter knows he can make this kick and deliver the team its first win of the season, but something in him clicks. He’s sick of being the only member of this team to score any points. He intentionally boots a wide right.

The stadium erupts in ecstasy. Full grown men cry tears of joy. Mamas hug their babies and whisper to them, “It’s gonna be alright, Junior. Every things gonna be just fine.” Santeros slaughter a goat in celebration. Tony Sparano faints, but no one notices. Bill Cowher checks his bank account, wondering if it really is enough to retire on.

Somewhere in Stanford, California a strange shudder of terror runs through Andrew Luck’s body. A single tear drips down Kathy Wilson Luck’s face as she realizes her son is going to end up in South Florida.

We have done it! We have Sucked for Luck!

Of course, we’re not there yet, but in the meantime you can show your support for Suck for Luck, because obviously, there’s a t-shirt. Destined for Greatness has released the shirt, and its selling for $25.

Granted, it will only be relevant for a few more months, but hopefully you’ll soon be able to replace it with your Andrew Luck Dolphins jersey.


Source: Miami New Times