The Spillover opens at Coconut Grove

First came farm-to-table burgers and craft beer. That was followed by more burgers, more craft beer, and even busin’ you to breweries. And now, the people behind LoKal, Kush, and Miami Brew Bus are doing it again, only this time they’re bringing local seafood to the table and the city’s first Cider and Mead bar to the village of Coconut Grove. The Spillover specializes in sustainable seafood and its perfect pairing and unexplored category of ciders, sours and meads, featuring a constant rotation of one of each on tap as well as a collection of Belgian style bottles and a reserve list of ciders, sours, and meads. Here is more information about The Spillover :


According to Urban Daddy :

“As for those aforementioned gentlemen, you’ll find them tucked away in various spots throughout this brick-walled watering hole. Al? His Polk High football card sits next to a mock Yankees image featuring George Costanza. The Don? There’s a cardboard cutout of him in the restroom (tough break, Don). And as you may have deduced, this is indeed our first cider and mead bar. So you’ll want to order a bottle of Aspall dry cider from the Old Bay Seasoning–lined bar. Perhaps a bottle of the rare Moonlight Meadery Utopian Batch #8, clocking in at a respectable 18% ABV.”


According to New Times :

“Kuscher says he’s been working on this concept for two years, even before opening his childhood dream, Kush. “I never felt there was a place in Miami where you could get good local seafood in a affordable, casual environment. There are great oyster bars and awesome places for stone crabs, but where do you go to get a great grouper sandwich or lobster BLT? We sell a ton of fish sandwiches at Lokal, and I knew there was a need to expand on that in a different format.” As for prices, items will range from $10 to $30. There will be lots of outdoor seating on the promenade and, of course, space to dine with your dog.” written by Carla Torres.


According to Yelp :

“For a new restaurant, it’s unusual to see many people eating on its 4th day of being open. However, when I walked in, you realize why it was crowded. The first thing you notice is the cool decoration: doors on the roof, Star Wars-themed cushion pillows, and Mexican TV shows posters). The menu is specialized in seafood, ciders, and meeds (local, national and international). Also, they offer an usual plate (at least for me): BBQ alligator ribs. Sadly, the restaurant only offers 15 per day, and they mark it down on a board every time a customer orders one.  The service was excellent: they offered cider samples in case you have doubts on what is the best to drink during your meal. I decided to get Key West Conch salad as an appetizer. So good!!!! It was offered with tortillas and Sriracha sauce. For the entree, I ordered a conch sandwich, and it was delicious too! It had tomatoes, onions and the homemade sauce. Really tasty! If you guys want to try a new restaurant, with a cool vibe, I suggest to give it a try. You will not regret it.” written by Eddie A. (rated 5 stars).


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