The Precision Haircuts, Hot Shaves, Cold Beer, Billiards, Go

Consider the barbershop.

The other day, you walked into one and asked about a shave and a haircut. And unbelievably, nobody handed you a beer and a cue stick.

Yeah, you’ll never go there again.

Call your shot (eight ball, corner pocket) at Precision Barber Club, a handsome new spot for haircuts, hot shaves and shooting pool, now open in the Upper East Side.

Barbershops: you know how those work. Pool halls: you know how those work, too. This is sort of a combination of both. Great, our work here is done.


You’re still here. You want more details. Okay, understandable.

Well, let’s see… There’s also cushy black leather barber chairs. And these dangling red plastic cubes filled with dapperness (bow ties and such) for you to purchase. And, oh, right, a red-felt billiards table right in the middle of the floor. Hard to miss that.

What you want to do is schedule an appointment here during a Marlins day game (yes, they have TVs). Arrive a little early. Early enough to partake in a complimentary beer and some nine-ball. Followed by a haircut and a straight-razor shave. Followed by a hot towel.




And hey, while you’re sitting here all relaxed and stuff, get a massage. These guys keep a licensed masseuse on staff for just such an occasion.

Good thinking by them.




Source : Urban Daddy

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