The New Look of The ‘Death Star’ 1954 Corvette

Built nearly a decade ago the 1954 Corvette known as the ‘Death Star’ has gotten a modern makeover by automakers Timeless Kustoms. The custom car company has made exquisite vehicles such as the 1969 Camaro and the ‘Death Star’ is another one of their beautiful creations. 

 Only weighing about  2,100 pounds the supercar holds 600 horsepower with one of the first C6 ZR1 LS9 engines. The exterior is in a stunning metallic cyber gray and the wheels are equipped with Brembo ceramic- brakes to make its performance on the road especially flawless. As for the interior, Timeless Kustoms gave the classic luxury car a modern sleek look to mimic a racing cockpit. 

The ‘Death Star’ definitely lives up to its name with its new touch-ups to satisfy any car lovers desires.