The Most Expensive Cars of 2017

The most expensive cars and supercars are about much more than transportation. They are works of art and something of a status symbol too.

According to Times Square Chronicles:

“For new technology and models being released, however some makes retain their value for years and simply don’t go out of style.”

According to The Drive:

“For the most expensive cars list we looked at cars that come from unexpected places, such as the Lykan Hypersport, a controversial, ultra-low-volume speed demon that is the first supercar to emerge from the Middle East.”

  1. McLaren P1 LM $3.7 Million
  2. Lyman Hypersport $3.4 Million
  3. Mansard Vivere Edition Bugatti Veyron $3.4 Million
  4. Lamborghini Venemo Roadster $3.3 Million
  5. Ferrari Pinifarina Sergio $3 Million
  6. Bugatti Chiron $2.9 Million
  7. Pagani Huayra BC $2.8 Million
  8. McLaren P1 GTR $2.59 Million
  9. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta $2.2 Million
  10. Koenigsegg Regera $1.9 Million