The Lunchbox is opening at Wynwood

Wynwood will soon be getting a Neo-traditional Cuisine addition into their dining line up. It is called The Lunchbox. Located at 78 NW 25th St., the Lunchbox is set to open in a few weeks. The restaurant, built from scratch in an empty warehouse space, is the work of Carlos Dorado, best known for his Arepabox food truck. Dorado, who was born in Venezuela to Spanish parents, studied economics at Boston University and then moved to Miami, where he studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University. His foundation in economics serves him well as a restaurateur and business owner, but his drive comes from his love of food. Here is more information about the Lunchbox :


According to Urban Daddy :

“All of those times you wished for a permanent supply of arepas are about to finally pay off. Because here’s The Lunchbox, a casual new Wynwood eatery from the guy behind the Arepabox food truck. There are a few ways you can obtain sustenance here. So take a look at this handy guide. First, download their app. Then, select the ham-and-cheese arepa. Let the app know if you’ll be eating in or taking it to go. Either way, it’ll be waiting for you. Ordering your Philly sandwich with sliced sirloin in haiku form. Because you can. Partaking in Wynwood Brewing beer while playing a few records on the turntables in the back. Stuff like Bob Dylan and Kenny Rogers.”


According to New Times :

“The food, which Dorado calls neo-traditional, will be prepared using local, seasonal ingredients, with a Spanish take. Entrées include arroz caldoso ($12), a vegetarian dish of bomba rice cooked with carrots, sweet peas, broccoli, diced mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes, finished with homemade béchamel. Carnivores will appreciate the grilled churrasco ($17), an organic 12-ounce skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, rice pilaf, and avocado tomato salad. There’s also chicken paillard ($15) and grilled Florida mahi-mahi ($16). Lighter fare includes a selection of salads, such as the Wynwood — made with tossed kale, button mushrooms, radishes, and wasabi peas, served with cold shrimp atop half an avocado ($8/$12) — and a portobello provolone sandwich ($9).  Fans of Arepabox won’t be disappointed. Dorado’s famous arepas will be available for $6 each, with a choice of ham and cheese, chicken and avocado, or a rotating choice of the day.” written by Laine Doss.


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