The Great Grove Bed Race

The Great Grove Bed Race, held annually in November, is a way for speed seekers to hit the streets on four wheels at full speed, only they’ll have to trade in their hot rods for a different mode of transportation – beds. Stop thinking of a bed as a sleepy place and let your inner racer take over.


Teams of five build homemade beds and push them down the streets of beautiful, historic Coconut Grove in a race to the finish line. If you think it sounds silly and a little crazy, that’s because it is. It gets even crazier; in 2011 Vanilla Ice was the Grand Marshall of the event.


Get a team together, decide on a theme and costumes and build a bed that can earn you some serious street-cred. Do it to build some team spirit, bond in a new way with your family, or just do something out of the ordinary.


Attendees are guaranteed a unique experience.


How It Works

Teams are often sponsored by businesses and organizations and consist of five members. Four members push the bed down the street and one rides between the sheets. An additional five team members can help rally the crowd from the PIT to help win the vote for CROWD favorite.


Bed race teams are judged on décor and creativity and are pitted head to head for a championship race. There are prizes for theme, décor and racing success. The race is 1/8 of a mile in the middle of downtown Coconut Grove.


All the profits go to a charity and teams are required to raise an additional $250 to donate.

The Great Grove Bed Race’s website has additional details about how to build your bed, what’s allowed and what’s not, everyone has to wear a helmet, no brakes are allowed and beds can’t have any means of propulsion besides the team to push it. Warning: this event requires some serious planning to participate in, but it’s seriously fun to show up and cheer along all the racers.


Pajama Pub Crawl

Every year, the night before The Great Grove Bed Race is the Pajama Pub Crawl. Put on your favorite pajamas and get in the silly spirit of The Great Grove Bed Race with a pub-crawl through Coconut Grove’s favorite local pubs.