The de la Cruz Collection hosts free summer art workshops for children

The de la Cruz Collection will be hosting a series of art workshops directed at elementary middle and high school school students and their teachers. Gallery owner Rosa de la Cruz says the workshops are an important part of the collection’s educational programs not only because they are free and open to the public, but because they teach children about the concepts behind art.

“It’s important to teach them not just the technique but also the concept. Concept and technique have to go together,” de la Cruz says.

For example, in the Castoffs – Sculptures and Found Art Objects Workshops, students will learn more about the concept of “found object”, a form of art that was championed by artist Marcel Duchamp (whose work has been described as Dadaist and surrealist) that describes art that utilizes ordinary objects. Students will create “sculptures” using everyday objects like old clothing and stuffed animals; they then will modify these objects to suit their artistic vision.

The Shadow Play workshop will teach children about the elements of film using shadow puppets. The students will design their characters, write the script, create the storyboard, direct the light and sound design and even score the film, all of which are crucial concepts and components of filmmaking that are rarely taught to children.

The workshops are intended to teach techniques that the students can use later in life in their art. The TM Sisters, the collaborative duo of sisters Monica and Tasha López De Victoria, will teach students how to make experimental short videos (both narrative and non-narrative) using green screen technology. The software students will use After Effects and Final Cut Pro, advanced software used by video professionals, but the sisters say young students are often adept and tech-savvy enough to learn quickly. The sisters say they do the workshops to give children an opportunity they didn’t have.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have access to such technical workshops or teach me how to do [filmmaking] the right way until college. I had to figure everything out myself, go to the library, research it, mess up in all the wrong ways. To do workshops that give them the general basic skills to someone who is interested and young could turn someone into an artist,” said Tasha López De Victoria.

For more information, go to If you’d like to RSVP, please e-mail including the name of the workshop you would like to attend in the subject line. Please include the child’s name, age or grade and parent’s contact information in the e-mail.

Sculptures and Found Art Objects Workshop with Karen Rifas

Saturday, July 20 & Saturday, July 27

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Interactive Video Workshop with the TM Sisters

Tuesday, July 23, Wednesday, July 24, Thursday, July 25 & Friday, July 26

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

(Each child must bring a laptop for this workshop)

Shadow Play Workshop with Damian Rojo and Celeste Fraser Delgado

Tuesday, July 30, Wednesday July 31, Thursday, August 1, Friday, August 2 & Saturday, August 3

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm



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