The Box opens at Wynwood

As you step into THE BOX, the dimly lit studio and the powerful vibrations from music’s latest hits recreate the thrill of that famous walk into the ring. Facing off with your personal heavy bag recreates the intensity of staring across the ring at your opponent, while your “K.O. SCORE” acts as the judge’s scorecard. THE BOX combines the glamour, grittiness, and benefits of the sweet science in a group fitness setting where you can choose to either compete with yourself or any of the 30 other boxers in the class. THE BOX uses a unique technology that allows our boxers to see quantifiable results during every class. Specially engineered technology measures your “K.O. SCORE”, which brings out your competitive nature and helps you improve with every class. Here is more information about The Box :


According to Racked :

“Formerly known as SweatBox, The Box is a technologically-driven boutique boxing studio that combines training expertise and sleek aesthetics in its 36-bag work out classes. Each of these heavy bags is equipped with a tracker to measure your “sweat score,” a quantitative metric that monitors activity and encourages improvement. The classes are a mix of high-intensity interval training plus body-weight exercises that will have you burning calories and toning muscles day and night.” written by ALEJANDRA TORRES.


According to Urban Daddy :

“Different type of boxing class here. For one, the blue-fluorescent-lit main room sports 30 heavy bags that you won’t find anywhere else. See, they’re equipped with sensors that read how many punches you’ve landed and the force behind them before tabulating that data into a “knockout” score that shows up on two flat-screens in the front of the room. No pressure. The classes last about 45 minutes. You’ll start off with a functional warm-up, move into shadowboxing and then work on those heavy bags before some core work and a cooldown set to… Janet Jackson. As one does.”


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