The Blind Pig opens at Downtown Miami

The Blind Pig is a 4,000 sq ft private atmosphere space with live music performances, classic cocktails with a modern twist, and great tapas by Chef Lilian Vitale. Inspired by the 1920s Prohibition Era we have created and redefined Miami’s true and only speakeasy, located in the heart of Miami’s new and rapidly growing Media Mille/Art District. The Prohibition theme is used to help remind their audience the importance of a good cocktail in a private atmosphere. The concept will bring joy for all of those looking to savor the perfect combination of great mixology, live music together with a bite of their unique tapas. The Blind Pig opens at 28 NE 14 St Miami 33132. Here is more information about The Blind Pig :


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“There’s a new watering hole in Downtown Miami and it goes by the name The Blind Pig. Inspired by the 1920’s Prohibition Era, the 4,000 square foot space will offer live musical performances, as well as indoor and outdoor seating for guests looking for an intimate and low-key hangout with an air of exclusivity. Mixology will take center stage at The Blind Pig, which will boast a bar program oriented around classic cocktails with a modern twist. Guests will also be able to indulge in uniqe tapas created by Chef Lilian Vitale. “Our concept will bring joy to those who are looking to savor good cocktails in a private atmosphere with live music,” stated mixologist Gustavo Osuna. ” written by Amanda Mesa.


According to New Times :

“This commitment to bridging the past and the present permeates Blind Pig all the way down to the names in the cocktail menu. Real-life partners in crime “Lucky Luciano” and “Meyer Lanksy” begin and end the menu respectively, with the names of other infamously unsavory prohibition-era gangsters filling out the middle. Meyer Lansky — the drink, not the man — is anchored by Ilegal Mezcal, which along with Banyan Reserve will be helping to stock the 8 to 10 p.m. open bar the Pig will be offering during tonight’s proceedings. Complementing the drinks is a menu of American classics (Chicken N’ Waffles) and intriguing alternatives (Spanish Octopus) to conventional club fare provided by Chef Lilian Vitale. Of course, no speakeasy would be complete without an appropriate soundtrack. Speaking on what attendees can expect musically, Osuna informed us that although predominantly jazz-oriented, Blind Pig will offer a diverse selection of music. As for what lies in store for tonight, Hip Bob Band and DJ Fernando will be the ones to provide the score to Blind Pig’s entrance into Miami nightlife.” written by Zach Schlein.


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