The Art Of Lorenzo Quinn

I recently visited the annual Sea Fair art event in Miami. It attracated Art Galleries from around the world  gathering once a year in this beautiful and luxurious cruise. Young Masters have the opportunity to show their art in this unique environment on the water.


One of my favorites artist was Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian-Mexican artist, and son of the well known actor Anthony Quinn. His art is a very contemporary style work in metal, oversized sculptures and very dynamic, some of them even have movement.


Quinn was attracted to acting at the beginning. He play the role as Antonio Stradivari, as the young violin maker, next to his father Anthony Quinn. But he had always been admires of surrealist Salvador Dali and in 1999 he interpreted the Spanish artist on the big screen. However, working in this role, he needed a change of direction and so he step out of acting and dedicate his time solely to art.


At the age of 21, he gained the respect of the New York community, and was commissioned to make a peice for the United Nations and later selected by the Vatican to create a sculpture of Saint Anthony in 1994 which was placed in the Basilica del Santo,  Padua, Italy.


One of my favorite pieces “The center of my Universe”, is a magnificent piece made of stainless steel and bronze. The pieces relevant meaning have a deep sense of the author about his family bows and affections.


The sculpture is an assembling of three dynamics circles with two human figures in the center holding the planet. Humans hands, have become his main symbol of inspiration in many of his works, which express the manifest of Quinn about the power that holds between human hands.


Lorenzo has visited Miami during Art Basel and exhibit at “Context Art Miami”. Also he has exhibited in many galleries and museums around the world.

Some others great pieces are “Gravity” and “La dolce vita”.



Source : Lorenzo Quinn