The Art List: Dialect, DCG Open and Metrouroboros

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Some of the works that Luzalma Gonzalez, Joseph Baum and other artists will contribute to this month’s Dialect will be based on the artists’ passion for music. Those works will be a perfect fit for the monthly art and music show, presented at Brew Urban Café by the DJ collective Twilight Notes and Freedom Art, a branding, graphic design and illustration company. The show also will feature mixed-media work from Greg Dubois’ series Designers Against Child Slavery and Jose Lopez’s Stay Strong.

DJ Eric Pamphile and the duo JAMS will provide the funk, soul and hip-hop soundtrack. They’ll also display their favorite album covers, as gleaned from their vinyl collections. The party will serve as a celebration of JAMS’ new mix tape and a going-away bash for Stephen Gundlach, who has managed Brew for three years and is headed to California. The event will begin at 8 tonight (Thursday, July 7) and last until 12:30 a.m. at 209 S.W. Second Ave., in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-523-7191.


More than two dozen artists will exhibit in David Castillo Gallery’s annual summer survey of unrepresented South Florida-based artists. The purpose of the exhibition, according to the gallery’s press release, is to show “artists in various stages in their careers that explore the broad range of artistic directions and practices thriving within our community.”

Freddy Jouwayed will exhibit drawings. Christiaan Lopez-Miro will display photographs from his All Roads Lead to Cassadaga project. JeanPaul Mallozzi will debut work from his mixed-media series Moodswings. One piece, “Secrets,” shows a girl whispering into the ear of another, who is writing in purple crayon. As is typical of his work in the series, which previously depicted boys only, the bodies are finely detailed and the faces are smudges of bright color. The word promise is written all over the walls, also in what looks like purple crayon.

There will be plenty of art to discuss, and Misael Soto, the Fort Lauderdale artist featured on the cover of this week’s City Link, has made facilitating such discussions the mission of his latest interactive performance.

The show will open 6-10 tonight (July 7) and run through Aug. 6 at David Castillo Gallery, 2234 N.W. Second Ave., in Miami. Call 305-573-8110 or visit


In her solo exhibition of photographs, artists’ books and prints, Ashley Ford examines the “psychological and sociological impact [of] nonplaces.” As gallery director Milly Cardoso notes, French anthropologist Marc Augé coined nonplaces, which refers to “spaces that are common to our everyday lives, that we pass through with frequency yet don’t hold enough significance to be regarded as places — highways, public restrooms, airports.”

Metrouroboros will explore what takes place in these nonspaces. For example, an untitled print depicts the feet of two people in a restroom stall. One is wearing ladies’ heels and the other has on flip-flops.

Ford says ouroboros is a symbol that “depicts a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.” The image, she says, is frequently used to symbolize “self-reflexivity or cyclicality.” She added the prefix metro to reflect her three years of daily Tri-Rail and Metrorail commutes between Palm Beach County and the University of Miami’s campus in Coral Gables. Those commutes inform the themes explored in this exhibition.

Metrouroboros will open 6 p.m. Saturday, July 9 and run through July 29 at University of Miami Wynwood Project Space, 2200A N.W. Second Ave., in Miami. Call 305-284-2543 or visit

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