The Anderson opens at Upper Eastside

Created by Bar Lab, The Anderson is a neighborhood bar for our neighbors. We don’t see anything wrong with a little good cocktails, good food and live music. Taking over the former Magnum Lounge space at 709 NE 79th Street, The Anderson opens at Upper Eastside. Here is more information about The Anderson :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Then, take your late-night endeavors to the Anderson, an ’80s-leaning watering hole from the city’s favorite cocktailing duo. It’s now open where the legendary Magnum Lounge once stood, here’s what it looks like, and here’s a rundown of what’s stayed the same and what hasn’t…
Then: A charmingly seedy piano bar with racy red walls and crystal chandeliers.
Now: Most of the place is still intact, with the mirrors and red couches firmly holding their own. But they’ve added some ’80s flair with animal-print wallpaper and a beachy back patio with frozen drinks. And that legendary piano—you’ll find it on its own stage. Respect, people.”


According to Eater :

“Inside the darkly lit lounge designed by Josh Wollowick, which is very reminiscent of its predecessor Magnum with the addition of animal print walls, it showcases a menu divided into two sections: new wave cocktails and originals. The originals are “forgotten classics” from the 80s and 90s like the Appletini, while new wave are the more unique Bar Lab cocktails that they have built their reputation on. As for food, the space tapped Vagabond’s executive chef Alex Chang to create a menu with new twists on traditional bar dishes like smokey queso dip, hot dogs topped with Japanese spicy sauce and beef rinds tossed in Cool Ranch Doritos seasoning.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to New Times :

“The Anderson’s cocktail menu is divided into two categories — “New Wave” and “Originals.” New Wave drinks are takes on classic libations of the ’80s and ’90s. The Let’s Dance ($14) is a twist on a dirty martini, made with Elyx vodka, caper berries, filthy olive brine, and truffle spray. The Like a Virgin ($11) is a take on the cosmopolitan, the drink made famous in the ’90s by the characters of Sex and the City, who slurped the pink beverage all over Manhattan in the HBO runaway hit series that defined dating long before Girls. ” written by Laine Doss.


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