Terry Richardson Fired From Equinox

Controversial photographer Terry Richardson – the man behind Miley Cyrus’ naked “Wrecking Ball” video, as well as many other provocative celeb photos – has possibly been fired from high-end gym chain Equinox following complaints that his ads were sexist.


The New York Post’s Page Six writes that Equinox hired ad agencies Wieden+ Kennedy New York and R/GA to create its new campaign, with an estimated $8 million contract with R/GA to overhaul Equinox’s digital platform and blog.


Executive creative director Liz Nolan confirmed the news, saying, “We worked with Terry Richardson for three extremely successful campaigns. The natural point has now come to explore a fresh direction, and we’re really excited to launch a provocative new brand campaign in January 2014.”


Richardons’s campaigns drew criticism for showing models in very little clothing and suggestive positions – including what many said were degrading positions for the women, who were photographed draped between the legs of the male models or crouched on all fours on a pool table but never doing any athletic activity.


The image of the model on all fours was called “sexist” by group Sexism Matters in July, which started a Change.org petition to have the billboard removed from outside a Bethesda, Maryland location.


“Our daughters and sons walk by the billboard outside Equinox Gym every day,” the petition read. “They see a woman in a degrading sexual position . . . This is somehow meant to advertise for a fitness facility.” The billboard was later removed.


Richardson was also recently the subject of another Change.org petition calling upon the fashion industry to stop working with Richardson because of multiple claims of sexual assault from the young models that Richardson works with.


H&M responded to the campaign, tweeting, “If these accusations are true, it’s totally unacceptable to us. Currently we’re not working with Terry Richardson.”



Source : Erika W. Smith

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