Sweet Lou ~ Renting an Exotic Car for the Weekend

Show us a beautiful car…

And we’ll show you someone who’s tired of driving it.

Or at least someone who’ll let you borrow it for the weekend.

Here’re the keys to Lou La Vie, a flashy showroom that’s stocked with exotic sports cars you can rent—sports cars that happen to belong to DJ Irie—now open in Downtown.

Yup, the Heat’s DJ is one of the owners. This is his baby. Or, more precisely, this is a massive, white-walled gallery full of pop art and cars. Beautiful cars. Fast cars. Expensive cars. Cars you can point to, say “Gimme” and then immediately drive off the lot in for an evening. Power date move right there.


So, right, the vehicles here—they’re all available for rent. For three hours. For three days. Up to you. Depends if you’re looking for something to road-trip to the Keys in, or something to pick up and eat tacos in.

The roster of rides will change and expand over time, but right now you’ve got cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible and the only Ferrari 458 Spider available to rent on the East Coast.

Maybe don’t eat tacos in that one.


Source : Urban Daddy

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