SushiSamba Goes to the Gables

This coming weekend: huge for barbecue.

Three days dedicated strictly to burgers, ribs and whatever fine cut of cow you’ve deemed worthy of your Weber.


So, in other words, Thursday would probably be a smart night for sushi.

Cue the impeccably timed SushiSamba Coral Gables, a mainland counterpart to SoBe’s long-standing, Latin-tinged raw fish fixture, opening Thursday.

You know how for the last decade or so you’ve been taking second dates to SushiSamba for sashimi and sake… Well, feel free to keep doing that. Nothing needs to change here. Except maybe the amount of time you spend in causeway traffic prior to dinner.


The lay of the land is as follows: robata grill on one side, marble bar on the other and warm wood paneling all around. Pick a seat. Any seat. No reason to play favorites here. Just set up somewhere comfortable and make sure your table has a couple Kaffirinhas (kaffir lime leaves, cachaça, sugar) and São Paulo rolls (scallop, tuna, yellowtail, chive oil, truffles).


Also, remember when we said that thing about not playing favorites with the tables… We lied. If it’s nice out, you should absolutely aim for one of the few alfresco spots on the sidewalk.

Sorry for lying. Won’t happen again.

Source : Urban Daddy

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