Survey Says Miamians Are Dumb, Rude, Bad at Driving

Every year, Travel and Leisure magazine comes out with its “America’s Favorite Cities” survey, and every year Miami ends up being ranked as one of the rudest in nation. We ranked fourth-rudest last year; you will be proud to hear, however, that the Magic City has since surged triumphantly into second place, behind only New York in the standings for least-friendly city in the United States.

There are 35 cities ranked in the survey. According to visitors surveyed, Miami is the second-dumbest city on the list, and dead last in “driving ability.” We’re also in 32nd place for civic pride, in 34th for tech savviness, and in the bottom five for every cultural category on the docket.

Don’t worry, though — we nabbed the bronze medal in the “attractive” category behind San Juan and San Diego, so it’s all good.


Source:  Miami New Times