Steam Miami now opens at Vagabond Space

Steam Miami, a new nightclub now opens at former Vagabond Miami space at 30 NE 14 St. Everybody who wants to chill, listen to some dope DJ’s and relax with your friends can enjoy Steam Miami from Thursday to Saturday Nights. Steam will play primarily underground dance music in all its forms; including house, techno, deep house, bass music, live electronica, indie dance and nu disco. Here is more information about Steam Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

The space: An industrial situation with a massive galvanized bar. Chains hanging from the ceiling. Lights made from pressure gauges. And an undisclosed number of “secret rooms” hidden from view.

The entertainment: All around you. There’s a DJ, yes, but also swings, poles and a platform stage lining the room where bustier-wearing nuns and sexy housewives romp. Oh, and if a little person takes your hand and leads you to a hidden room for shots of liquor and… mischief—go with it.

The food and drinks: Froot Loops. Yeah. Depending on the night, you might find a burlesque dancer soaking in a tub of milk and cereal, which she’ll ladle out for the crowd to try.”


According to :

“The 10,000 square-foot venue that sits on the former Vagabond space is wrought with intrigue, as we soon found out during an advance preview Friday night. Steam has your standard nightclub fare: a large, open bar, a dance floor and plenty of VIP seating. But, the extras are well received too. We watched as sultry film noir-style performers graced the pipes and beaded curtains on each side of the dance floor as well as behind the DJ booth. And, we weren’t quite sure what they were doing (maybe that’s the point).” written by Anthony Cave


According to New Times :

“From the images being used to promote the new party spot, it seems as though the club is going for a mixture of high- and low-brow aesthetics — we could only describe it as a South Beach meets downtown Miami. In fact, the artwork reminds us a lot of Revolver’s Pawn Shop Lounge days. But whether Steam can usher in a new era in Miami’s hipster nightlife remains to be seen.” written by Jose D. Duran.


According to Yelp, Josh M (5 stars) :

“A new and interesting place, the shows are incredible and ambiance is very chill. I will effeminately be booking a table next time I go, so I can have a nice place to chill with friends and watch the show. A table is not needed, but I would highly recommend it.”


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.