Spris Pizza Opens in Downtown Miami

Fill in the blank:

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s ______.

If you answered “amore,” well, that’s obviously…

Incorrect. Sorry. Better luck next time.

The winning answer: Spris Artisan Pizza, a new Downtown base for casual lunches of cured meats and carpaccio-topped pies, now open.


You’ve probably popped into Spris on Lincoln Road for an alfresco dinner with a basic pie. You might’ve even added a sunny-side egg on there. That’s all great. But this new spot’s a bit… different. See, you’ll be ordering your crispy, thin-crust pizza from a counter. Which means expedited pie service. And that’s a very good thing.




First things first: get hungry. There’s a solid chance of that happening during an afternoon meeting. Gently relocate/adjourn the whole thing by saying something like “Hey guys, I know a great pizza-and-beer spot in Downtown.” If that doesn’t work, pull a Ferris and fake something weird.


Once you’re inside, place your order at the marble counter. Then, sequester a corner of the blue banquette—it’s in front of the wall with sketches of pizza toppings. That’s where you’ll spend your lunch hour inhaling prosciutto-and-arugula pie, deep-fried gnocchi and a glass of Chianti.

Okay, “glasses.”



Source : Urban Daddy

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