South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center Grand Opening in October, Releases Season Schedule

Maybe you’re thinking, wait a second I’ve already been to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center to see several performances, what’s this poppycock about a grand opening in October. Don’t worry, nobody’s trying to pull a fast one. Sure, the center already hosted several shows, but those were part of its soft opening. We’ll put it in football terms for all you meatheads: think of those performances as the preseason. Come October it’s time to start singing “Are You Ready for Some… Culture.” Read on for details of the celebration and its first full season.

The $51 million center just announced that its grand opening celebration would in fact take place on October 1-2. The weekend shindig features multi-genre show with both international artists and Miami talent. No matter what type of music or moves you enjoy, chances our the opening will satiate your cultural proclivities.

There will be jazz, classical, Latin, Caribbean and gospel music and dance, as well as, theater and multimedia presentations created from interviews with community members. Tickets to the performances cost $20 to $50 on Saturday night and $10 to $40 on Sunday afternoon (Family Day) but there’s also a bunch of free pre-show stuff to see and enjoy outside of the performance halls.

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