South Beach’s Mansion Nightclub Closed “For Forseeable Future”

UPDATE Mansion and Deadmau5 have just announced a two-night reopening party for January 20 and 21.

Log onto and the nightlub’s site has been scrubbed clean, except for a shocking three-word statement in big, bold red letters: “MANSION IS CLOSED.”

That same mysterious message also went out over Mansion’s official Twitter feed and Facebook account earlier today, causing SoBe clubbers to express shock (“What?!?!”), anger (“WTF? So pissed”), sadness (“Mansion will be missed!”), indifference (“Lol oh well”), and, uh, happiness (“Finally!!! That club was garbage”) over the sudden news.

Meanwhile, Crossfade contacted The Opium Group for comment. “Mansion will be closed for the forseeable future,” senior vice president of communications Vanessa Menkes tells us. “We will be releasing an official announcement next week.”

But anyone with an attention span longer than a single status update should be able to see that Mansion’s closure obviously isn’t permanent.

Last night, Mansion tweeted, “HIRING for all positions @mansion_miami | Be part of our #GrandReopening & work w/ the best in #Miami” while also posting the Mansion Nightclub JOB FAIR to Facebook, seeking eager applicants who are “outgoing, passionate about service, flexible to learn ‘our way,’ and enthusiastic.”

So … Looks like this seven-year-old bitch is just gettin’ a facelift.


Source:  Miami New Times