Smart Camera: Google’s New Creation

Google Cam’s Best Feature Is What It Doesn’t Do

But unlike those cameras, Google Clips(starting at $250) shoots only when there’s something worth capturing. Point it at a scene, twist the lens to turn it on, and the A.I. looks for criteria culled from years of data analysis—smiles, gesticulation, a pet entering the frame. The result is seven-second videos, sans sound, at 15 fps. At any time, open the phone app and swipe to save or delete, and select stills (up to 12-megapixel in resolution) from the videos. The machine-learning software will then try to capture more like what you keep, less of what you scrap.

Google says the 16 GB of memory is impossible to fill in a single event, leaving the three-hour battery life as its limit. The quality becomes grainy in lower-light situations, like at a dinner party. But otherwise it works as advertised, and the results are compelling. You wouldn’t pull out your phone and ask your friend to reenact a hilarious gesticulation. And you don’t have to, because Google’s A.I. shoots it for you.