Sidebar Miami opens at Little Havana

There will be a new bar takes over the former PAX space at the border of Little Havana and Brickell. It’s called the Sidebar and their address is 337 SW Eighth St. This reimagined hall for live music, DJs and cocktails served out of a shipping container opens 7th of November and then they will open regularly at Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Here is more information about Sidebar :


According to Urban Daddy :

” A homey warehouse furnished with crystal chandeliers, an old-timey piano and some wood and brick. You’ll come here for all things late-night in nature. That stage up front: will host live bands early in the evening before subtly shifting to DJ-driven dancing. The billiards table in the corner: great for a few rounds between cocktails. Namely, the Calle Ocho with gin, Campari, vermouth and white crème de cacao. So if tonight has the makings of a long one, consider grabbing one of the red love seats here. Or better yet, head outside. There’s a patio with string lights and a shipping container turned bar. And if the weather’s in fine form, they’ll roll up the garage door so the party opens up to the back.”


According to Eater :

“New to Little Havana’s recently expanded nightlife scene is Sidebar, a bar and music venue from partners Jason Odio (“a lifetime Miami resident with a rich local history and nightlife pedigree”, Raul Sanchez (mind behind Bar and Peachfuzz promotor) and Nick Katz. A press release reports the new spot is “expected to bring a modern and eclectic nightlife and live music to this historic area,” adding that Sidebar will feature a “sexy bar scene” and an “idyllic outdoor garden,” both designed by decorator Jeffrey Barone. Think traditional beer garden decor with string lights, unfinished benches and cushions. ” written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to Zagat :

“1. Three local dudes mastered the concept: Jason Odio (pictured) and Nick Katz are teaming up with the Bar’s own Raul Sanchez for this latest late-night venture.

2. Top local music acts are hitting the stage: Guys like Jacuzzi Boys and Ketchy Shuby are on the tight lineup.

3. The indoor bar is sexy: There’s a sultry, inky ambiance, with a nice selection of creative concoctions to linger over.

4. There’s an outdoor courtyard: The relaxing, beer garden-type setting is decked out with unfinished benches and string lights, plus plenty of different brews and cocktails at the ready.

5. There’s crazy art too: Local artists including Marilyn Rondon splashed the walls with controversial craigslist-inspired artwork (“Latina Seeks Thug”).” written by Carissa Chesanek.


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.