Shoot the Freak brings weekly dance party

Local nightlife veterans Diego Martinelli and Tomas Ceddia are sick of the Miami Beach nightlife scene. The two, who have worked at acclaimed venues like Electric Pickle and thrown renowned recurring parties like Aquabooty and SAFE, say that the beach has evolved into a scene that has “forgotten” about the locals emphasizes bottle service and velvet ropes over good music and having fun. As a result, the two will be launching Shoot the Freak, a weekly dance party every Friday beginning October 11 at TRADE Nightclub.


“I think the time is right…for us to bring back a pure dance party and make it dancefloor-driven again because that doesn’t really exist on the beach right now,” says Martinelli.

The name Shoot the Freak (abbreviated STF) comes from a Coney Island carnival game that involves guests attempting to shoot (with a paintball gun) a live human target running through an obstacle course. They say the name captures both the irreverence and the inclusiveness of the Friday night party, which calls on patrons to come as they are rather than try to conform to the norm, or “let their freak flag fly” as some would say. The STF team says there will be no dress code, no VIP area, and no discriminating doormen.


For the music, Shoot the Freak hopes to “juxtapose the old and the new,” with a combination of established DJs like Cajmere and Harvey as well as acclaimed new DJs like Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott. Ceddia says that this is contrast to the current Miami Beach club scene, which glorifies brand-name DJs like Avicii and Calvin Harris, which results in “worshipping the cult of the DJ” that detracts from having fun.

“[We’re tired of these] one-dimensional [parties] where everyone is looking at the DJ, watching a guy twisting knobs and playing somebody else’s songs. That’s not where the excitement is at. The excitement should be on the dance floor where people can express their individuality, their creativity and share a communal experience.”


And while many clubs in South Beach attract travelers hoping to drop big bucks, Shoot the Freak hopes to attract a more local crowd. The cover charge will be reasonable, around $20 depending on the night; this pales in comparison to what clubs like LIV charge, which can range from $50 and often reaches prices of hundreds or thousands of dollars per person. The drinks will also be more modestly priced than other big name venues (which regularly charge as much as $20 for a basic drink). In addition, there will be the opportunity for locals to receive discounts on cover or drinks if they are a regular.


While the experience of Shoot the Freak will cost less than a night out on Story or Mansion, they believe they have an experience that rivals what other clubs offer. TRADE, the venue that hosts STF, boasts what Martinelli considers one of the best sound systems with North America. And while they may not have half-naked dancers or huge LED displays (which the team abhors), they do hope to partner with local artists to provide unique sensory experiences.


Shoot the Freak is a weekly dance party hosted every Friday beginning October 11 at TRADE Nightclub at 1437 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach.

Oct 11 – Thugfucker + Kink LIVE (US Debut)

Oct 18 – Satoshi Tomiie (Japanese House Legend) & DJ Three

Oct 25 – Pillowtalk – LIVE

Nov 1 – Cajmere

Nov 8 – James Zabiela & Francesca Lombardo

Nov 15 – Konrad Black & Behrouz

Nov 22 – Tone of Arc & Deniz Kurtel

Nov 29 – Ben UFO



Source : Ricardo Mor

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