Shinola opens at Wynwood

Shinola is a Detroit-based company dedicated to quality, craft and creating world-class manufacturing jobs in the US. Their mission is to build a modern and quintessentially American consumer products brand through the reintroduction of domestic manufacturing at a scale that can shape culture, create community, and deliver goods of the highest quality that are built to last. Their main product are watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals, pet supplies, gifts, and accessories. Now they are opening their new branch at Wynwood. Here is more information about Shinola :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Regardless, there’s just enough space in this narrow, wood-shelved corridor to house all of the stuff you’ll likely be gifting to a few worthy recipients in the coming month. Stuff like… The navy-colored Brakeman watch made with a football-leather strap. The name comes from the railway guys who used to apply the brakes on individual wagons in the early 1900s. Which is a strong choice for the person who isn’t exactly delicate in their sensibilities. We’re sure you know someone. The three-speed Bixby cruiser bike for the friend who insists on thwarting Miami traffic by not driving a car. Silly friend. An American-tanned, Horween-leather passport wallet for that coworker who’s always finding an excuse to get down to Brazil. It’s got five card pockets and an unlined slot for a passport. They’ll even monogram it with your giftee’s initials.”


According to Eater :

“The store itself is gorgeous. While at the moment its facade is black and adorned only with Shinola’s signature clock face suspended over the entrance, the store will be featuring a quarterly rotation of works by local artists, organizations, and museums to keep in line with Wynwood’s signature artistic murals. First up is local artist Timothy Buwalda, who is known best for his artistic interpretations of totaled cars and machinery. Inside the corner shop, everything is displayed within finely done oak-hued cabinets and stands. Beautifully made watches for men and women range from $500 to $850, leather goods for men and women include wallets, bags, tech accessories and journals, and there are plenty of other novelty goods like candles, pencils and knives to be found.” written by Ashley Brozic.


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