“Shake Shack Cater My Wedding (Please)” UPDATED

Over the weekend I received an email from Simon Ho that read:

“A good friend of mine did the unthinkable…managed to convince his fiancé to have burgers at their wedding. Not just any burger will do, so they created a video and sent it to the CEO of Shake Shack. He responded in minutes. Now let’s hope it works out!”

Gabriel Trujillo and Vanessa Valdez are the couple who created this very convincing and creative clip, which is now on YouTube. Gabe’s slickly edited plea, entitled “Shake Shack Cater My Wedding (please),” is a list of reasons for doing so. One is that “I love your burgers almost as much as my fiancé” (though he quickly adds that his gal is “pretty awesome”). Another rationale cited is that “she only agreed to have burgers at the wedding because she didn’t think it would happen.” And the duo are locals who are looking to the Lincoln Road Shack for help, as reason #3 is “neighbors help each other out…”(with a map of Miami Beach).

The couple met with Shake Shack’s Director of Operations Zach Koff yesterday. “They are totally game with helping us out,” Gabe says, “and even offered to make/name a custom custard flavor for our special day (how cool is that?!).”

Obviously Shake Shack is into this too. The CEO, Danny Meyer, even tweeted about the proposal. Gabriel’s proposal to Vanessa, in fact, is pretty damn clever as well, and it’s included in the video.

Some details still need to be worked out, but Gabe and Vanessa’s next big hurdle is finding a venue. “We need a cool place that can accommodate 100 ppl, will allow Shake Shack to cater, and is reasonably priced.” They are hoping for a place in Wynwood. Their pegged date of matrimony is May 26, 2012.


Source: Miami New Times