Sebadoh Announces Miami Show at Grand Central With Surfer Blood and Jacuzzi Boys

Man, oh man! We had the weirdest dream last night.

Well, to start things off, Sebadoh was there. Y’know, the weepy and weird side-project-turned-anti-band started by Lou Barlow when his mid-’90s feuding with fellow Dinosaur Jr. bandmate, guitarist and singer J. Mascis, forced his exit.

But, like, in stark contrast to our other Sebadoh-related dreams, we weren’t smoking dirt-reefer, sharing our feelings, or trying to conceal the cum stains on our ripped jeans. No, we were at the goddamn beach.

And a lone daquiri cost the price of an arm. Literally.

We woke in a sweat, rubbed the crust from our eyes and quickly turned to our laptops. Of course, the internet was able to decode our vision for us: On January 18, 2012, Sebadoh will be arriving in Miami for a show with Surfer Blood and Jacuzzi Boys at Downtown venue Grand Central.

It’s not surprising that the Great Age of Reunions was able to sever the rift between Mascis and Barlow, one of indie rock’s greatest and nastiest feuds, and re-activiate Dinosaur Jr.

And after years of one-offs and special appearances, a Sebadoh that is touring enough to make it all the way to Miami — not to mention taking part in the Weezer Cruise — gives us pause. It’d be like if Dave Mustaine rejoined Metallica but also stayed in Megadeth. What?! Dude, Megadeth is the anti-Metallica.

In theory, Sebadoh is the anti-Dinosaur Jr. And nothing could be more anti-Sebadoh than the feel-good ’60s beach party garage rock of Jacuzzi Boys and the Abercrombie-friendly Weezer-lite pop expressions of Surfer Blood.

According to traditional standards and rubrics, those bands are “the biggest” in South Florida. And that’s who you turn to for local support, no? More than anything, the lineup is the product of the options Miami’s scene provides. We should at least be grateful that the openers play guitars and the promoters didn’t book Sebadoh in between a bunch of Serato flunkies.

Oh, and while we like Grand Central, its baller lights, and its real-deal acoustics, we’re pretty sure that Lou Barlow wouldn’t have been able to afford drinking there when he was writing the songs that made him famous enough to come down to South Florida almost 20 years later.

No, we don’t have any suggestions for where this show should take place or who else should actually be playing. And, yes, of course, we’ll be there, and we are extremely excited to finally see Sebadoh.

Sebadoh with Jacuzzi Boys, Surfer Blood, and Plains. January 18, 2012. 8 p.m.. Grand Central, 697 N Miami Ave. $15 advance pre-sale tickets are available here. $20 the day of the show.


Source: Miami New Times