Scots woman gives birth to UK’s biggest baby girl

A Scots woman has given birth to what is thought to be the UK’s biggest ever baby girl.

Farrah Gallagher weighed 12lb 9oz when she was born – nearly twice the average weight of newborn girls in the UK.

Proud parents Karen and Robert Gallagher said their daughter’s size had been something of a surprise to them, particularly as Mrs Gallagher is just 5ft 2in tall.

Mrs Gallagher, 36, said she had a normal pregnancy, without any cravings for unusual foods.

Mr Gallagher, 48, told the Daily Record newspaper: “We knew it was going to be a big baby but were told to expect something around the 9lb mark. When she eventually arrived we knew it was something else altogether.

“The midwife would normally lift the baby over the curtain to hand to us. Instead, she had to carry her round.

“I just thought, ‘Wow.’ I was very, very shocked. She had a full head of hair and was one really sturdy girl.”

Baby Farrah, who was delivered by Caesarean at the Raigmore Hospital in Inverness on August 8, is now five weeks old and wearing clothes designed for three month old infants.

Farrah is the first child for the Gallaghers who have been together for 18 years. Mr Gallagher also said the couple were “ecstatic” and “over-the-moon” with joy at the birth of their daughter.

Raigmore Hospital already had experience in delivering larger than usual babies. Hugh Evans, weighed in at 13lb 10oz when he was born at the hospital in June.

Guy Carr is thought to be the UK’s heaviest newborn baby. He was delivered in Cumbria in 1992 weighing 15lb 8oz.

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