Sarsaparilla Club opens at Miami Beach

Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth opens the Sarsaparilla Club at Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel Miami Beach. Their cuisine is based on current modern American cooking. They create a restaurant of freedom & flexibility. A cart to table cuisine with no boundaries. The culinary team will always respect tradition and showcase “our take” on American classics. The dining experience will begin with a visit from the culinary team touting carts full of vibrant and irresistibly aromatic small plates including Beet & Short Rib Dumplings, House-Made Steamed Buns with Pork Belly Bacon and Local Root Tartare as well as signature handcrafted cocktails. In addition, guests will be presented with a menu featuring medium and large dishes like Spiced Honey, Carrots & Farro Salad, Thai-influenced Sarsaparilla’s Green Curry Fried Chicken, and Rock Shrimp Laksa, plus sides, desserts and an extensive beverage list. Here is more information about Sarsaparilla Club :


According to New Times :

“Although that iteration of the Southern classic won’t fly south, Sarsaparilla Club will feature another bird. Sarasaparilla’s fried chicken — green curry fried chicken with kaffir lime powder, coriander, and toasted coconut — will be offered. McInnis says that although the flavor profiles are different, his fried chicken technique remains the same. “Ever since I first perfected my award-winning fried chicken, I’ve stuck to my guns and my techniques.” First and foremost, the chef sources free-range chicken from Central Florida for the Miami restaurant and from Amish country in Pennsylvania for Root & Bone. Next, he brines the chicken for a day. Then McInnis seasons the chicken “properly, without overdoing it.” Finally, the key, he says, is to cut the fat, meaning add some form of acid or balancing agent.” written by Laine Doss.


According to Urban Daddy :

“So open up your loving arms to the Sarsaparilla Club, the triumphant dim-sum-meets-comfort-food return of Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth to South Beach, now open at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand. You’ll find it in the indoor/outdoor space where Morimoto once stood—with worn wood, hanging succulents and a streetside vintage VW bus leading the way in. Not at all conspicuous. Bring some friends, settle into one of the banquettes lining the wall and start lording over dim sum carts filled with small plates like beet-and-short-rib dumplings and steamed buns filled with pork belly bacon. Or you can just go the à la carte route with some fried chicken. Because it’s Jeff. So of course there’s fried chicken.”


According to Yelp :

“Dimyum! One of the firsts to eat at this American Dim Sum concept restaurant and the first to leave a review. I live in LA where restaurant competition is fierce so I know good food when I see it and I must say, Chefs Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis are amazing! Top Chef power couple. We got to meet them and they are not only talented but super sweet as well. A girlfriend and I had the luxury to dine here on their soft opening this past weekend during the SOBE Wine & Food Festival. Between the 2 of us, we pretty much tried more than half the menu and licked our plates clean, our waitress even commented ” wow where did you put all that food?” lol we are merely skinny girls that appreciate good food. Since she and I are both foodies, we really enjoyed the original concept, colorful, flavor filled dishes: you really can’t go wrong with anything you try. Of course we also made room for dessert.” written by Liza K. (rated 5 stars)


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